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Terra Australis

by Sam Yield

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Julie 02:57
Julie I am thinking of the time we were sitting in your back yard back in spring, 2009 and a cloud came to console the sky said you've got a lot of dying left to do before you die and the rain came to console the roofs said you've got a lot of morning left before the afternoon and you can just lie there let your thoughts detune let your life go out of focus it doesn't matter what you do and the moon came to console the sun said you've got a lot of lying left to do before you're done and I know you are scared now that you'll be found out but don't worry they can't prove it past a reasonable doubt and I stayed thinking I would console you tell you something so pretty that it would have to be true but I'll have a lot of letdowns before I learn my worth and there are no consolations to be had upon the earth
This Must Be 02:46
this must be the silence of a city in the distance back over the Verrazzano every time we come home something's getting simpler and farther away must be the stillness of the hawk coasting on its dream above your parents' house in Newark must be, must be must be the shadow that is cast by the new opacity of the past must be, must be
Heraclitus 03:11
oh why can't they tell fire is the atom of the world and everything else is a slurring of this only word oh why do they think that their revetments will hold true when loss is the only thing that you'll never lose why'd St. Anselm say being is the same as god remembering when it's just the other way the world's a fact that someone keeps forgetting don't they understand that they can't keep hold what they feel in their clenched hands is the sluice of it going
I'm going away if not today then tomorrow I'd like to migrate to a winter country Terra Australis, land of white flowers I'm barely here I'm gonna disappear one of these days I don't really mind this isn't my kind of place I'd like to migrate to a winter country Terra Australis, land of white flowers oh distant haven oh missing continent land of the handbell land of the asphodel I know it's out there out past all weather I'm going away if not today then tomorrow
strange, what I remember now when you and I waited by the interstate for the ambulance to come only how our footprints complicated the perfect surface of the late November snow --| only how you took off your glove --| reached down and scooped a mouthful of --| the late November snow only the cold air sparkling on your skin and only the new light I saw in Cassiopeia to show --| only the soft geometry --| of my thoughts and only --| the new light I saw ----| only the reddened joints of ----| your hands when you pointed ----| up in Cassiopeia to show that something else had become the fact about the present and it could not be undone
Jubilee 03:18
time to go now, time to leave your blood is honey and your breath is sweet didn't you know there's a jubilee for a minute or two before you go to sleep tomorrow's coming, but it ain't here yet and you were right the time you said there's a wage for living and the wage is death but just for now you have no debts 'cause it's a jubilee year for a minute at least the earth is iron and the sky is brass and the weight of it will press you flat but just for now it hasn't come to that 'cause it's a jubilee year for a minute at least it's a jubilee year till you go to sleep it's a jubilee year
Cooper Park 02:50
missed you up in Rochester ashes in your hair that and no other night I wished I were perfectly used to you used to your hands yours and no others like I had been at Rockaway you tried to hide your body under the water it was dark in Cooper Park we were climbing trees the night and no other brings a new thrift of seeing did you notice the way the wind coordinates the leaves you and no other rearranged me
Hurricane 03:43
back when the dawn was still trying to pry open the day I thought of what the river said I'll forgive you when you're in my bed and I was lying next to you watching you hide behind your face thought I was a good man but I got lost when I found your hand back when the hurricane was just a rumor in the trees I thought of what the east wind said I'll strike you down with a gentle hand and I was lying next to you waiting while you prepared your voice tell me you forgive me now that must have been another man back when we were lying side by side the day of the storm I still thought that I was someone kind well I'd not yet learned that everything that goes is gone for good
I Noticed 02:12
once I was a secret word I had not been spoken till you said my name that is when I noticed I'm at home with you
it's good to stand in the minor light when things have not yet finished remembering to exist it will not guard against the day but it's good to stand there anyway it's good to hear from my old friend think back to our desperate years and all that happened then it does not compensate the past but it's good to hear from you despite all that I don't take it back


released January 8, 2021

written, recorded, performed, mixed, and mastered by Sam Yield


all rights reserved



Sam Yield Brooklyn, New York

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